Hello all! I’ve attended Americanafest in the past, but I think 2017 was the best year yet! I had so much fun documenting behind-the-scenes recording sessions with Caroline Spence, Brent Cobb, Darrin Bradbury and Aaron Lee Tasjan. As far as the showcases go, I tried to pick the one venue who booked several of my favorite artists and stay there the entire night.

I think Saturday was the most relaxing day thanks to the fine folks at Cafe Rooster Records. They celebrated their one year anniversary by organizing a wristband-free all day event with performances by their friends and label mates. Artists include Rayvon Pettis, Ladies Gun Club, Jon Latham (joined by Andrew Leahey), Darrin Bradbury, Brian Wright, Yellow Feather and special guest Aaron Lee Tasjan who dominated Americanafest by playing an impressive 14 shows in 5 days on top of lots of interviews!

I know it’s hard to sum up the incredible experience through videos, but I hope it provides enough highlight to get you all to Nashville next year!


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