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Vi har hatt en liten pause i The Monthly Iceberg, for Howard har vært temmelig opptatt i studio den siste tiden. Hans faste trommeslager og studiotekniker Pat Tomek hadde med en cd med et knippe flett nye låter, da Rainmakers gjestet Norge tidligere i sommer – og tro meg når jeg sier at dette må være noe av det aller aller beste Howard har laget. Vi skal presentere flere av låtene fra denne innspillingsperioden, men første låt ut er den fantastiske “All I Hear Is Goodbye”

Howard_Face_SmallHer er hva Howard har å si om låten:

“All I Hear Is Goodbye”—–Old-fashioned country song, wrote and recorded most of it in early 2008. The song sat around for 4 years, couldnt decide abt solo—-I liked the bass part so much I just cranked that up for the solo in the rough mix. Finally added dobro in 2012, a young cat named Jeff Larison.

The bass and harmony vox are by K.C. country legend Mike Ireland, who I think I’ve mentioned here before. Mike is still around, but doesnt perform or record anymore. Rhythm gtr by Dan Mesh, who used to play in Mike’s band, and joined my band when Mike quit. Drums are by my buddy Pat Tomek, who just got back last month from Rainmakers recent Norway/Sweden tour.

I’ve got a lot of these songs laying around, partly finished and waiting one or two more parts. Beginning to look like I won’t get to ’em all. When you’re young, you waste a lotta time. You get older, you see there’s never enough of it — Howard.


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