Adventskalender 2013: 19.desember: John Statz

I år har vi invitert et knippe av våre favorittmusikere fra inn- og utland til å si noen ord om SIN favorittjulesang. Hver dag gjennom adventstiden vil vi presentere én låt, og artistenes personlige forhold til låten.

19. desember tilhører John Statz.

John Statz er en singer/songwriter opprinnelig fra Wisconsin, nå bosatt i Denver, Colorado. I starten av 2012 gav han ut det kritikerroste albumet Old Fashioned og heldigvis kan Statz melde at et nytt album er snart under arbeid.

I would have to be honest, picking a favorite Christmas song would have been, until recently, very hard for me. I’m a little bit of a Grinch when it comes to the holiday. Not because I actually hate it, just that it isn’t a big deal for me at this stage in life, not being a kid and not having kids.

So the last few days I’ve been touring with my friends Count This Penny ( and they wanted me to join them for a few Christmas tunes. Playing the part of the Grinch, I (hopefully, but possibly grumbly) declined. However, upon hearing their cheerful rendition of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, performed without irony, I’ll have to put that down as my favorite. And what do you know, I even joined them on stage last night on the tambourine… maybe my seasonal crankiness is thawing.

As for me and the new year, I am looking forward to hunkering down in a Vermont studio (fresh on January 4th) to record a new album which will be produced by Jeffrey Foucault, one of America’s best modern songwriters. Keep an eye out, it’s too early to say when it will be released, but probably in the summer sometime if I have any say in it, which I do.

Merry Christmas from your Denver, Colorado-based songwriting Grinch.




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